Imagine…Hair Therapie only from the salon.

Discover the unique Biolage approach to professional haircare that unites natural botanicals with modern technology to create gentle, high-performance formulas for healthy-looking hair and scalp.

The complete collection of customized in-salon services and at home care therapies address virtually every hair need and are only available from your salon stylist. The products adhere to high standards of safety and efficacy and we continue to work towards minimizing our environmental impacts. Imagine affordable indulgence. The multi-sensorial therapie experience from Biolage restores hair’s natural beauty in the salon and at home everyday.
Ultimate Hydration to Restore Moisture Balance
Formulas infused with Aloe Vera help nourish and restore hair’s moisture balance, revealing its natural softness and shine.
Color Stays True for Upto 6 Weeks
Formulas to create continuous fade fighting care with Orchid + UV complex to help preserve hair color’s vibrant bloom and fresh, radiant shine. Moisturizing low pH formulas.
Frizz Free Hair Even in 97% Humidity
Infused with silky serum of Camellia, it continuously controls frizz in hot, humid seasons while replenishing hair’s moisture during dry seasons. Hair stays smooth all the year round, even in upto 97% humidity*.
*System of shampoo, conditioner and serum
Instant Dandruff Cure. Promotes Hair Growth
Formula that helps control and relieve the symptoms of dandruff and prevent its recurrence. Patented AMINEXIL® molecule preserves hair density.*
*Clinically proven results on 232 participants – tests vs. placebo (equivalent to +5000 to 7500 hair strands for an average head of hair)
Deep Nourishment & Exquisite Shine
With a new and improved formula that is infused with Olive Oil, the Biolage Oiltherapie range, makes for a complete one stop destination for all hair types. Combining the age old Indian oiling tradition with modern technology, the range delivers completely nourished & revitalized hair, from ROOT-to-TIP.